Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a television series based on the film of the same name by creator,  Peter Berg

Set in the fictional small Texas town of Dillon, the series delves into the everyday drama’s of it’s residents. Eric Taylor , the football coach of Dilllon High and his family are the central characters.

Watching this series is an experience, it’s not like watching a normal everyday tv show to fill in time. Peter Berg sets out to tell the story of Dillon Texas and delivers a scathing warts and all vision of small town Texan life.

It is extremely difficult not to love this show and have a great amount of respect for it’s creator, team, writers and actors.

Grab a box of tissues, sit down and binge watch one of the greatest television drama’s ever created. That is my advice.












2 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

    1. Like all hows they had a lot of issues, I think after the first 2 or 3 seasons it was bought by a new network? Not sure but the show did change dramatically. I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons. It is a very special television show, hard to put into words but I loved it and wish there would be more from the creator. Not so happy with his film but the writers of the first couple of seasons produced something amazing, that is for sure.

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