Nicholas Winding Refn

Nicholas’ films are not made to please others. If he likes it or wants it in his film he just shoves it in there.

You may never be able to understand his films and you may never want to but what I find so utterly interesting about his directing is that he doesn’t give a fuck. He has the balls to go out and put the worlds most famous movie star in a film about whatever is whirring around in Nicholas’ head.

He makes no apologies for it and even though he may care if people may or may not like his films he pushes past that and just goes out balls to the wall and creates whatever he pleases.

I have to say that I am with Nicholas on this one. People are assholes, (the majority of them).So why bother pleasing them? What do they really have to give you in return for making a boring soul sucking uninteresting shit can of a movie *cough* avengers *Thor.

Thankfully Nicholas is probably incapable of surrendering his creativity enough to make one of those films. although he was rumored to have been involved in the early stages of a Logans run remake. To be fair Logans run is far more interesting than anything Marvel have come out with thus far.

I can see Nicholas’ reasoning. Why bother pleasing others. I can’t for the life of me see any benefits to it whatsoever and for a creative artist to start having to please people when creating their art must be something too terrible to bear

I am not sure how people do it, but that brings me to another rant. Don’t you love Harmony Korine and Mike Leigh?

Bad films and movies I once endured, but for the love of my own sanity I have put these out of my life and now don’t even watch them out of obligation.

Whats on tonight? Well something other than a steaming pile of crap.

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