Vamps Still Alive Together

Vamps (2012)

Two female vampires in modern-day New York City are faced with daunting romantic possibilities. (92 mins.)
Director: Amy Heckerling
A film about vampires starring Alicia Silverstone, & Krysten Ritter, directed by Amy Heckerling ( Clueless) . Amy and Alicia reunite in this comedy about two female Vampires living in modern day New York who have carved out lives for themselves in the city and have become family.
I actually really like Krysten Ritter and consider her to be a formidable female comedic talent, however in this film her full set of skills wasn’t allowed to the forefront, Vamps follows the two girls among a star studded cast who are really enjoying their campy roles and if you see the film for what it actually is, a homage to comedy/horror, then you will probably find this one a pleasant watch.
The story line is very lame but that is a part of the films charm and if you’re  in the mood for some heavily referenced lighthearted old style comedy then this would be a little treat for you.

Paul Williams Still Alive (2011 Documentary)

A documentary about legendary songwriter and 70’s icon Paul Williams. (87 mins.)
Director: Stephen Kessler
A curious documentary about Paul Williams, who apparently for a short time was a big deal in the US. Having been a prolific songwriter for film, television and other artists as well as himself.
Most people know his music but these days very few actually know of Paul who has deliberately been living a peaceful urban life on the D low with his current wife and loving family.
paul willimas
In my opinion the most fascinating thing about the documentary itself is that Paul clearly does not want to be filmed. The filmmaker has a stubborn and brazen method, throughout the course of the documentary he projects his own childlike and idealistic view onto the subject, forcing Paul to relive events that he would rather forget. This creates an awkward friction yet interesting dynamic between the documentarian and Paul, a man who is ashamed of his past and has moved on to a better future. The documentary is fascinating because the dynamic of the documentarian and subject is curious to say the least.

Together (2000)

Elisabeth leaves her abusive and drunken husband Rolf, she packs her bags, takes the kids and goes to her brother Göran… (106 mins.)
Director: Lukas Moodysson
Together is warm rich experience about family, the form which it takes and the difficulty of maintaining relationships in a splintered society. Lukas throws his trademark magic into the mix with this one, it may not entertain you whole way through but by the end you will (if your like me) appreciate the pure genius and complexity of the film.
By highlighting the plight of the individuals in the commune to sustain their close relationships with such differing beliefs Lukas shines a light on the human struggle to co-exist, there seems to be plenty of problems between the residents of the commune even though they are supposedly living in their idyllic utopia.
The production level is cheap and nasty but the film is so engrossing that it is impossible not to be pulled into the characters drama’s, the children, teenagers and adults all seem to be living in some sort of organised chaos that is constricting their growth as individuals in some cases yet in others it seems to be what is driving their strength.
In the end it all comes down to a chance encounter with a stranger who has deliberately broken his sink because he is lonely, to heal the rift between a mother and a father. I loved this film, it’s one that only comes around every so often and it has to be admired for its genius take on displaying relationship dynamics through the use of normal rich characters which are so relatable.
Lukas is a very clever writer/director and I wholeheartedly recommend this one .

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