Jordskott & Witnesses

Witnesses (2014)  “Les témoins” 

Set in a small coastal village in France, this is a quiet thriller of crime and dark secrets. The opening sequence takes place in a house just put out for sale. In it, the discovery of what…See full summary »

Writers: Hervé Hadmar (creator), Marc Herpoux (creator), 1 more credit »

Witnesses is a bizarre series whose lead character Sandra Winckler ( Marie Dompnier ) is some sort of detective who is investigating a string of crimes which involve dead bodies being dug up from their graves and placed neatly in different positions in display homes. 
She is joined by  Paul Maisonneuve ( Thierry Lhermitte ) who used to be the head honcho detective who has taken time off because of his wife’s illness. A series of events start revolving around Paul as he becomes the target of a deranged person that everyone is fearing to be a serial killer. 
Detective Sandra Winckler
Details of a past investigation emerge and the team is endangered by association to Paul. This all takes place in a small country town and as you might have guessed there seems to be something even more sinister going on regarding the townsfolk involving WOLVES.
I am curious to watch this series play out and for now it has definitely held my attention.

Jordskott (2015– )

TV Series  |  60 min  |  Crime, Drama, Fantasy
A detective returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter’s disappearance, trying to find a connection to a current case.

Creator: Henrik Björn

The opening scene of Jordskott shows the protagonist Eva Thörnblad in an intense hostage negotiation situation where she is eventually shot in the chest by the perpetrator but survives because she is wearing a bullet proof vest. The opening scene is tense, vivid and action packed. During the hostage stand-off she sees the little girl on the stairs and remembers her daughter, whispering her daughter’s name as her vest catches the buckshot and she is propelled backwards by the force of the shell.

Eva Thörnblad
Eva Thörnblad
Eva then goes on Sabbatical to the town where her father has recently died, apparently committing suicide by self-immolation. It is also the town where her daughter was abducted years earlier whilst they were on a picnic.
To a keen observer it quickly becomes apparent that Jordskott is not a police drama, but rather a small town mystery, where out in the forest strange things are happening and odd occurrences are becoming commonplace along with a string of murders and an abduction of a young boy which rock the small town.

Conspiracy is afoot and Eva places herself in the middle of it, trying to find her daughters abductor, she eventually considers an impossible choice.

Eva & Josephine
Eva & Josephine
I am intrigued by this series, because of its fantastical elements, at first I was going to dismiss it as an adult version of fern gully but it is written directed and acted with such skill that leaves me intrigued after every episode and I do keep coming back for more.
Interestingly enough Eva (Moa Gammel) appeared in Lapland Odyssey, a charming bro comedy, I am pleased to see that she has  good range and is worthy of a lead role such as Eva.
I will refrain from officially ranking this series out of ten until I have seen the end,but for now it is an interesting and fun watch which sometimes errs on the side of gruesome.

 An important feature of both of these t.v. series is that the lead characters are BOTH female in each series. I am really pleased to be watching engaging fantastical thrillers/suspense series that can both boast talented female lead actors who are giving 100% to their roles. There are aspects of the characters that I can relate to as a woman and I really appreciate that I am able to engage in the story in this way,  although you might say that Sandra shares the lead role with Paul in Witnesses it is good to see a perspective that is easy to relate to, which for me makes it a lot more interesting and easy to invest in the story.


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