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A Touch of SinA Touch of Sin_1

Director: Zhangke Jia
Writer: Zhangke Jia (screenplay)
Stars: Wu Jiang, Baoqiang Wang, Tao Zhao

Did you ever read those articles about random Chinese guys carving up preschoolers, or the installation of safety nets on Chinese factories to stop the workers from committing suicide? Well this film makes an in road into explaining those phenomena, which to an adjusted outsider seem a little nuts. 8

 Land Ho!

land ho

Directors: Aaron Katz, Martha Stephens
Writers: Aaron Katz, Martha Stephens
Stars: Earl Lynn Nelson, Paul Eenhoorn, Daníel Gylfason

Stinker, whilst some of the dialogue was intriguing, it really did seem as though the filmaker was given a chunk of (small) change by the icelandic gov to go out and make a tourist attraction film for over 50’s westerner types. 4


Ida isn’t simply another holocaust “drama”. It’s an interesting enough film about a young girl who goes in search of her past to look forward into the future. Whilst it didn’t make my favorites for this year it was certainly an easy to watch drama that captivated my attention. 6

 A Master Builder 

This film by J Demme featuring Wallace Shawn as the master builder was dedicated to Louis Malle. Certainly the more enjoyable of the few I have last seen it’s an adaptation of  Henrik Ibsen‘s play The Master Builder 1892. Quite enjoyable to watch. 7


Philippe Garrel‘s style somehow transcends the french stereotypical love story. Perhaps it’s Louis’ effort, which I may add is tremendous, wow that kid has some charisma and SKILLS.

I enjoyed it, some might say, another french love story, So what but there is definitely value in Philippe’s films. Somehow I felt full after viewing. I love Louis cameo in Heartbeats  7

 Force Majeure

This was definitely my favorite of the bunch. It was just so funny and visceral that I couldn’t drag my eyes away from it from beginning to end. Much enjoyed fanfare. 8


71 has received a lot of hype, perhaps leaving me wanting more than what I got from this picture. Sure it had it’s moments but all in all it was a little boring in some parts. I don’t think I could recommend it but each to their own I suppose. If you liked SPR you will probably love this film.

Ascension (Tv mini series)

I am so enamored by cringy sci fi films and I really binged watched the cr:p out of this one. When I think back on it it wasn’t that great however I LUVVD it at the time.  3 Badassly crap.

 The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

Terrible    1

 Men, Women & Children 

Dreadful     1

The Riot Club 

Quite an interesting  (cheeky) look at the  Bullingdon Club based on the play PoshAdorable little film about posh snots . 7


On the fence about this one. I really enjoy some of J.C.’s work and this film has his trademark style however not really fussed about the performance by  Jeff Bridges

What have you recently watched? Have you seen these ones (some of them clunkers) ? I end this post with the shameful admission that I am still too scared to watch Post Tenebras Lux , I can’t get past the first bit when everything goes dark in the field and the scene begins in the house. Better luck next time. It took me 6 years to finish Inland Empire . 

If I can be bothered I may be back to write decent reviews for these films but for now. I’m too busy watching more 🙂

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