Favorite films of 2014

How We Got Away with It  Maps to the Stars Nightcrawler The Rover Miss Meadows Before I Disappear Boyhood Ping Pong Summer The Guest Enemy  Under the Skin Escape from Tomorrow Metalhead Nymphomaniac: Vol. I Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

There are some brilliant films that were released this year that I haven’t yet seen (ie Mommy and Inherent Vice) and some on the list are from 2013 but weren’t released for my area until this year.

4 thoughts on “Favorite films of 2014

  1. Nice list! I loved THE ROVER, METALHEAD and UNDER THE SKIN but haven’t seen any of the others. I’m greatly looking forward to MAPS TO THE STARS, which opens in Chicago next year. I’ll be posting my own top 10 list on December 29th.

    1. ooohh i can’t wait for yours. The truth is I am still waiting for so many of the films I wanted to see this year, so far it’s been pretty lean on options. Especially the ones I want to watch with subtitles, they are the hardest to come by for me. Since I live in the back end of nowhere. 🙂

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