The Rover

Director:David Michôd

Writers:Joel Edgerton (story), David Michôd (screenplay),1 more credit »

Stars:Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy |See full cast and crew

I wasn’t really that interested in watching this film to be honest but I am glad that I set aside the time to see it. After enjoying Hesher, which was written by David, The Rover peaked my interest.

The Rover is a dystopian drama/action/horror flick set in the Australian Outback after a worldwide economic collapse. The film deals with deprivation of an entire continents humanity, specifically Eric’s (Guy Pearce).

Whilst there is barely any dialogue to speak of and not that much of a back story other than the titanic sized hints dropped in the film, The Rovers strength lies in its portrayal of a man who has been deprived of his humanity, his dignity and is barely managing to survive the psychological impact from the events that have occurred since the crash.

Eric is living in a world that is on the same earth but could be a different planet, (or somewhere like Liberia). In fact my opinion is that the film and characters are so engaging that if it weren’t for the director casting Robert Pattinson in the main supporting role then The Rover may have become a  fast cult classic or instant success.

Obviously since the twilight saga, Robert has been given a fair chance at many roles which in my opinion he has not been able to fill. He lacks the depth and commitment needed to successfully fill his characters shoes and his accent was dreadful. Robert almost completely spoiled the entire film for me.

Opening with a car chase, then steadily moving through one atrocity after another The Rover is guaranteed to hold your attention for a   glorious 102 minutes as Eric  dupes the vulnerable Rey into leading him to his car.



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