Repo Man

Director:Alex Cox  Writer:Alex Cox Stars:Harry Dean Stanton, Emilio Estevez, Tracey Walter |See full cast and crew

A film almost everybody loves, am I right? What’s not to love about this little cult classic, Harry Dean Stanton owns his character as usual, Emilio Estevez puts in a performance worthy of his fathers (Martin Sheen’s) talents and Alex Cox is well he is Alex Cox, the mastermind behind some of the greatest cult films of our time.

For those of you who don’t already know, repo man is a film about a young man named Otto (Emilio Estevez) a group of his punk friends, A televangelist, the CIA, a car repo company, aliens and the United Fruitcake Outlet.

Is repo man not the most fun you can have in 92 minutes whilst watching a screen? If you haven’t already seen it then I dare you to prove me wrong.

There is a lot of exploitation characters in the film but the scene which stuck out for me as being one of the most plucked and re used from this film, which is perhaps ripped from many old westerns anyway was the scene during the liquor store robbery which resurfaced in the nineties via Tarantino and went viral all over every copy cat Tarantino film for the next ten years. The modern day indoors close quarters shoot out.

Men in suits riding around in beat up old american classic cars, voice scramblers, cars crashing into telephone boxes (yes telephone boxes), a radiated chevy, punk rock soundtrack, what more can you ask for.

If you can’t already tell I absolutely adored this film, it has become a fun favorite of mine and I can’t wait to watch Walker, even though it will be a lot different from this one and no doubt far less “fun” it’s still highly anticipated, in fact I may watch it right NOW!

You’re just a suburban PUNK!


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