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I  watched  the criterion release of Jubilee last night with the accompanying documentary (special features). Jubilee was written and directed by Derek Jarman and I have to agree with one of the collaborators in the Doc when he states that Derek Jarman is a stinking fat Tory.

Everything about this film reeks of distinct upper ruling class snobbery, as the film seems to be a propaganda statement about how things will turn out if the riff raff or the “great unwashed” had their way with society.


The ugly portrait of events is painted as thus, if the working class had anything to say about the world POOF there would be complete anarchy and everything would be destroyed, nothing could be held sacred anymore, not “art, life, humanity” and all of the moral codes  that Tories tend to espouse such as family, Christianity etc, would be wiped from the face of the earth as orgies were held in churches by ministers rather than prayer or service and murder was a regular occurrence.

I dislike the message of the film and the pomposity of the director is hard to ignore since he comes across exactly how he is, as a bourgeois nightmare, professing propagandic nonsense.

However I did enjoy the film from an artistic perspective, if you disregard the films “message” and enjoy it as an art piece, (Jarman is an artist first and foremost), then it is quite an enjoyable experience.


2 thoughts on “Jubilee

  1. Jubilee is wonderfully strange movie. I love the electronic -racket version of Rule Britannia (scored by Brian Eno) and the high-dampness of it all. Yes, its a bit rubbish, but its also very British.

    I’m pleased that someone else has written about it!

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