J’ai tué ma mère I Killed My Mother

J’ai tué ma mère  I Killed My Mother (2009)

Director: Xavier Dolan Writers:Xavier Dolan (screenplay), Xavier Dolan(dialogue)Stars:Anne Dorval, Xavier Dolan, François Arnaud |See full cast and crew

Xavier wrote, directed and starred in this production about a young teenage man who is coming to grips with his new self which involves a complex and at times turbulent relationship with his mother. i-killed-my-mother-xavier-dolan-05_n2

Xavier is obviously ridiculously talented , has excellent taste and is extremely good looking, *warning* when viewing Xavier s work try to refrain from throwing food at the screen and shaking your fist in a jealous rage!

Xavier seems to have the gift of the gab, that is in this film he has stuck to a traditional story arc, yet the story he tells is more lodged firmly in reality.

That reality being that most of us grow up over time, we learn life a new a million times in our lifetime and although in our teenage years we face some formidable changes our “growing up ” phase tends to last a lifetime. i killed my mother 2

I love this aspect of the film, unlike most modern coming of age films of late, Xavier realizes that things are not “all good” at the end, life will go on and the characters will keep evolving as human beings.

There is a lot to be said about this film, the amazing scenes will blow your mind, the story line, although not a new concept is done as best as I have ever seen it attempted, the artistry of the film has been blended perfectly with commercial cinema aspects such as the characters are continuously engaging the audience, the story is consistently moving in   a predictable manner and there is plenty of humor to go around.

The film has a few iconic scenes and my favorite scene in the film has to be Chantale Lemming‘s conversation with the headmaster of the private school.

Alas I am not even remotely as talented as Xavier and I am sure this review has not done the film its due credit but I am looking forward to viewing the rest of Xavier’s work especially since I now posses his first four features.









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