Little reviews

Exit through the gift shop

*contains spoilers* A film about street art, this feature chronicles the exploits of “Terry” a mentally unstable Frenchman who migrated to the U.S. and got involved in the street art phenomenon.

Terry suffers from some form of compulsive behavioral disorder and at first feels the need to document everything in his life then Street-artist-Thierry-Gue-007everything to do with street art.

He meets a lot of different street artists then decides to go into business for himself.

Terry being the genius that he is, then quite successfully rips off every street artists work, hires a bunch of graphic designers and sculptors to create his work and flogs it off for a fortune in  his debut show which goes on for a couple of months.

Exit through the gift shop is  hilarious comedy about humanity and art, I found it to be quite entertaining and I am glad that Terry came out of things o.k. in the end.

The conspiracy

Director: Christopher MacBrideWriter: Christopher MacBrideStars: Aaron PooleJames GilbertIan Anderson |See full cast and crew 

The conspiracy is a bit like the blair witch project except not as good. I am sure that the film makers thought that they could sell their stinker off  for a fair bob although I am not certain how that turned out.

The film essentially chronicles two so-called documentary film makers who are investigating the conspiracy theory scene when their subject goes missing.

There is a lot about the Taras or Taurus society or whatever the hell it is and some very bad acting. This film is such a travesty and an insult to most people’s intelligence.








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