Teeni Weenie reviews


Director: Wally Pfister Writer: Jack Paglen Stars: Johnny DeppRebecca HallMorgan Freeman |See full cast and crew

Whilst Johnny Depp is aging very gracefully, his career really isn’t. When he signed on to the Pirates franchise I think it was clear that he had made the decision to cash in and hang up his boots (creatively speaking). Well there’s nothing wrong with someone working hard all of their career and wanting to make a buck or two, or perhaps enough to own their own island……I suppose. That doesn’t mean that their lack of work ethic has to be applauded though.

Transcendence is worse than a Michael Bay film. Everything about it is terrible, absolutely terrible and I mean everything. even Cilian Murphy didn’t really bother to put in a decent performance. The directing, writing, editing , special effects, acting absolutely everything, the entire kit and caboodle completely failed to meet a minimum daytime television standard.

If I had of walked into a theater to watch this I would have demanded a refund of my ticket, that is how much this film stunk.

They Came Together

A not very funny film that is a satirical mix up or parody of all the cliche films about romance. I really didn’t enjoy this film and yes I did get all the jokes. They just weren’t that funny.  The ending of this film is absolutely killer. Michael Shannon makes a cameo appearance and the result is hilarious. Sorry guys but I can’t in good conscience recommend this to anyone.

Spring Breakdown

I actually really enjoyed this film even though it’s not even close to great cinema it made me laugh HARD. It’s a fun little movie involving three ladies who go back to their teenage years for spring break. Parker Posey (not being  comedic actor) is the weakest link in the film but it’s obvious that the girls are all having a great time and the film really is a lighthearted treat.

The Film Peddler

If you’re interested in finding out how saturation started in modern cinema then have a look at this film. I found it to be absolutely despicable and it made me want to spit at the screen.

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

This is a film about internet activist Aaron Swartz. The film shows a few details about Aaron’s home life, his upbringing, and mentions a little about his life’s work. The picture does discuss Aaron’s ability to affect change and the great  lengths that he went to, to accomplish his goals. There is a lot of one sided discussion about corporations and the U.S. government. Who apparently in many instances declined to comment. The film touches on Aaron’s case and discusses the pressures he was under before he ultimately committed suicide. The message that the film attempts to get across to the public is that if a member of the intelligentsia can not be bought or controlled then they must be subdued. This is the thinking of a totalitarian regime that reviles change and it could be said that although the struggles of Nelson Mandela were very different, the government has tried to use similar tactics towards Aaron that the South African government used ie. incarceration.

In a way I did enjoy this film , however it was made as entertainment and I would have preferred it to focus on the subject in an intellectual manner rather than a one  sided emotional one. Aaron’s suicide is regrettable and very sad.


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