3 Thomas Vinterberg Flops

Thomas Vinterberg is a co founder of the Dogme 95 movement and director of the 3 disastrous flops in this article.

Dear Wendy

Director: Thomas Vinterberg Writer: Lars von Trier Stars: Jamie BellAlison PillChris Owen |See full cast and crew


Dear Wendy was written by Lars Von Trier  and directed by Thomas Vinterberg. I haven’t seen Thomas’ most celebrated feature film  (Festen) yet so thus far I am leaning toward the opinion that he is a less than brilliant film maker. Dear Wendy had a really novel and crazy story that I felt could have been pulled off by someone more creative than Thomas. He seems to have a few good ideas but never really ties the film together. I also felt kind of bad for Bill Pullman who appeared to be acting his trousers off which only added to the dilemma which was obscene lack of talent from anyone else involved in the film.

Dear Wendy is a could have been , the little red engine that could and I have the feeling that it’s still chugging up the hill. Unfortunately due to the drawn out running time of the film it feel’s like it has broken down and is being repaired a couple of times along the way.

It’s All About Love

Director: Thomas Vinterberg Writers: Mogens RukovThomas Vinterberg Stars: Joaquin PhoenixClaire DanesSean Penn |See full cast and crew

Where to start. I almost love this film and have to admit I am kind of in two minds about it. The film is completely nuts and suffers from being put together in a terribly haphazard manner. There are a lot of things in the film, notably terrible acting by Claire Danes. Others are obvious as well such as the crazy scenes that were shot which didn’t flow on from each other but just seem haphazardly chucked together. I really enjoyed watching this film, although not because it is a great film. It’s kinda like B movie heaven. I got to see one of my favorite actors in a film with an insane plot. Sean Penn ‘s role makes him look like the complete dick that he is, Claire Danes kind of comes across as a terrible Starlet who is reaching for Hollywood fame desperately but is yet to make the big time, rather than the character she is meant to play which is a tired Russian or polish or whatever the hell ballerina who just wants to go home. People are dropping dead all over the place at random. And the terrible fake accents OMG.

In a way this is the perfect film to watch if you are tired of seeing unique beautiful yet complex and intellectual European cinema. It’s kind of like a Mel Brooks adventure in film making.

One thing I would have to say for Thomas though, he really sacked up by releasing the picture. I would be far too embarrassed to put my name to it in public and that really says something about his character even if he did go on to make one of the most ethically irresponsible films in cinema history , which brings me to his next flop… well in my eyes anyway, the criminally overrated Jagten.

The Hunt

Everyone knows I hated this film, although not because of Mads winning performance. Click the title to read my previous article.


3 thoughts on “3 Thomas Vinterberg Flops

  1. I haven’t seen Dear Wendy yet, but I have to agree on It’s All About Love. Very disappoing and weird, but not in a good way. I loved Jagten obviously, but did you see Festen?

      1. Well that’s pretty cool! I saw it a couple years ago and it’s still on my mind, I want to re-watch it but at the same time I know it can’t have the same impact on me twice.

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