Little Reviews

U Turn

Director: Oliver StoneWriters: John Ridley (screenplay), John Ridley (book)Stars: Sean PennJennifer LopezNick Nolte |See full cast and crew 

Whilst I admired John Ridley’s Three Kings, (and we all know how his adaptation of 12 years a slave turned out) this film left a lot to be desired. Oliver stone has somehow spewed out a mangled creation of pathetic-ness, which I don’t even think I can blame on Jenifer Lopez’s lame performance. I can see that Oliver was trying to create a funky off beat 90’s style action mystery drama here but NO DICE. -5 from me, this film was torturous.

The Devil’s Backbone

Director: Guillermo del Toro Writers: Guillermo del ToroAntonio Trashorras1 more credit »Stars: Marisa ParedesEduardo NoriegaFederico Luppi |See full cast and crew »

The devils backbone is quite an unnerving tale from Guillermo. The cinematography is great, the storytelling is fine and the acting of the young boys is also very good. The story revolves around a boys orphanage and the mysteries that lurk within its walls. I quite enjoyed it, even though it had some truly gruesome parts.

Reality Bites

Director: Ben StillerWriter: Helen Childress Stars: Winona RyderEthan HawkeJaneane Garofalo |See full cast and crew »

It has been at least ten years since I have seen this film, I have seen it twice and since it has been a while I am not sure how it has held up over time. Ben Stiller directed this Gen X cult classic about young room mates who were trying to “grow Up” and take the next step with their lives. Starring the lovely Winona Ryder as a spoiled yuppy brat and featuring a heterosexual aids scare, this coming of age film really captures an era. 5 out of 10 from me.


The White Diamond 

Director: Werner Herzog Writers: Werner Herzog (commentary), Rudolph Herzog(original screenplay), 3 more credits »Stars: Werner HerzogGraham DorringtonDieter Plage |See full cast and crew

Another one of Werner’s Documentaries, I found the White Diamond to be quite boring. I feel that Werner lost patience with his subject , which becomes apparent after he starts focusing on the villager who loves his rooster instead of the engineer who built the balloon. 3 out of 10 from me.


Director: Michael Radford Writer: Edward Anderson Stars: Demi MooreMichael CaineLambert Wilson |See full cast and crew »

I saw this film when it was released, and although It might be quite boring of me I liked it at the time. Sometimes Michael Caine is a gem to watch and I think that this was one of these times. Demi Moore is also brilliant as the wronged woman who has been kept in the dark. The disgruntled pair makes quite the duo and I do believe that the writing for the picture was quite good and makes for an interesting story.

6 out of 10 from me.

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