Smoke & Blue in the Face


Directors: Wayne WangPaul Auster (uncredited)Writer: Paul AusterStars: Harvey KeitelWilliam HurtGiancarlo Esposito |See full cast and crew

Smoke is an indie production which was released by Mira Max in the mid nineties. Boasting an all star cast this feature revolves around a smoke shop managed by Augustus ‘Auggie’ Wren (Harvey Keitel).

The film progresses in interwoven sequences when characters are introduced or the storyteller delves deeper into their lives. By the end all manner of difficulties have been resolved, emotional connections have been made, and sappy sappy lala lalalala.

I did not connect with this film on a level that most other viewers seem to. I just didn’t fall for the characters stories and wasn’t particularly interested in the film. I actually thought Auggies Christmas story was particularly crass and gratuitous.

A lot of people did enjoy this picture , so if you are interested in a bunch of sappy hard luck stories, Smoke might be the picture for you.

Blue in the Face

Directors: Paul AusterWayne Wang1 more credit »Writers: Paul Auster (situations), Wayne Wang(situations), 1 more credit »Stars: Harvey KeitelLou ReedMichael J. Fox |See full cast and crew 

Blue in the face is the follow-up or sequel to the film Smoke. Apparently it was pieced together from outtakes from the first film and involved a hell of a lot of cameos. I enjoyed this film much more than the Smoke. I found it to be a fun, exhilarating and light-hearted look at life, which could be enjoyed by any adult audience.

Blue in the face is primarily an Ode to Brooklyn, its diversity and the people within it. I quite enjoyed watching Harvey and Jim gabber at the Smoke  shop, Lou Reed ramble about his spectacles and Ru Paul kick off a street party.

This picture is a hell of a lot of fun, so if you’re in the mood for a pick me don’t hesitate to taste the goods.

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