The Outsiders

Director: Francis Ford Coppola (as Francis Coppola)

Writers: Kathleen Rowell (screenplay), S.E. Hinton (novel)

Stars: C. Thomas HowellMatt DillonRalph Macchio |See full cast and crew »

I haven’t yet seen all of F F Coppola’s films but Apocalypse Now will always be my favorite of his. Apparently he embarked on this picture, (The outsiders) which was adapted for the screen by Katheen Rowell when he was bankrupt after his last film (One from the Heart) flopped.

The outsiders certainly is a visually stunning picture and definitely has its merits as far as classic film making is concerned.  What grabbed me the most about the film is the way that the greasers were portrayed. Young men who felt hopeless, lost and were relentlessly victimized by everything and everyone around them.

The  most striking part of the story line being that they were hunted down by soc’s, preppy middle class boys from the other side of the tracks. The film boasts a cast of most of the young men that would go on to be big lead actors in the 80’s and although it is enjoyable in a classic cinema kind of way, there is something that’s bothering about the film in general.

I will give this one a 7 out of ten, since although I didn’t find it spectacular it was entertaining, beautiful and in stark contrast to a lot of the films that were released at the time.

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