Little Reviews


Director: Woody Allen

Stars: Diane KeatonGeraldine PageKristin GriffithMary Beth Hurt

Interiors is Woody’s take on a serious drama, probably heavily Interiorsinfluenced by his love of Bergman’s work, made in 1978 I found it to be delightfully dramatic, yet with Woody’s work there is always underlying comedy slyly integrated into the characters. I recommend this film to any audience; the subject matter is easily understandable and doesn’t require any real prior knowledge.


The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Director: Nicholas Gessner

Stars: Jodie FosterMartin SheenAlexis SmithMort Shuman

Released in 1976 this so called thriller stars a young Jodie Foster and little_girl1a handsome young devil named Martin Sheen. The film starts out as a promising mystery/thriller but quickly devolves into a randomly hysterical and confusing  mess. My verdict on this one is to give it a miss or watch the first half of the film only.


The Remains of the Day

Director: James Ivory

Stars: Anthony HopkinsEmma ThompsonJohn HaycraftChristopher Reeve

The remains of the day is a period drama about a butler who has The-Remains-of-the-Day-007absolute faith in his position and his master, so much so that he sacrifices his own happiness and goes along with his masters wishes even though he is a bigoted Nazi sympathizer who furthered the Nazi cause.  It’s a slow tedious watch and whether or not you will enjoy this one will be a testament of your taste.


In the Mood for Love

Director: Kar Wai Wong

Stars: Tony Chiu Wai LeungMaggie CheungPing Lam SiuTung Cho ‘Joe’ Cheung

As much as I respect Wong Kar Wai, I absolutely hated this film. It’s about cheaters, lost and found love . Since I loathed it, I am not going to bother writing much about it other than that I don’t recommend it.


I’ll Follow You Down

Director: Richie Mehta

Stars: Gillian AndersonHaley Joel OsmentRufus SewellVictor Garber

I’ll follow you down was a boring loathsome film about family drama and time travel. I do not recommend it.


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3 thoughts on “Little Reviews

  1. I love WKW, but I didn’t get In the Mood for Love. Most people would say it’s his best, but Idk I just didn’t connect with it I guess.. I do want to rewatch it though because it looks so beautiful and I love the actors.

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