Alice doesn’t live here anymore


Director: Martin Scorsese

Writer: Robert Getchell

Stars: Ellen BurstynKris KristoffersonMia Bendixsen |See full cast and crew

The first five minutes of this film are the best, an unusual opening sequence filled me with hope that this film may be a hidden undiscovered gem that I had not yet devoured.

The rest of the film…..not so much. I don’t know what it is about Scorsese, for me a lot of his films miss the mark, sometimes spectacularly and always in the same fashion.

There are some beautiful scenes in the film, ie. camera work but apart from that the story of Alice who seemed to be a determined young girl, ended up married with a kid to a truckie, then became widowed and had to fend for herself only to leap into the arms of every available man who would have her, fell flat on its face.

I hated this film, it was miserable, bleak, hopeless and reminded me of a bygone generation where it was an unspoken, (or at times loudly spoken) norm that women needed a man to survive.

Thumbs down for this one I’m afraid, better luck next time. In fact if your looking for a film to watch and decide to try out this one watch,”Sedmikrásky” by Vera Chytilová instead. 





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