Teenie Weenie Review


The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

Director: Phil Alden Robinson
Writers: Daniel Taplitz (screenplay), Assi Dayan (based on the film “The 92 Minutes of Mr. Baum” written by)
Stars: Robin WilliamsMila KunisPeter Dinklage 
This film was terrible. I do not know why but Robin Williams has been poking his head up in quite a few films of late. I am not a fan, never have been and quite likely never will be a fan of Robin Williams. Watching him work can be like listening to nails scraping on a chalk board. 

Best In Show

Director: Christopher Guest

Writers: Christopher GuestEugene Levy

Stars: Fred WillardEugene LevyCatherine O’Hara |See full cast and crew

Best in show is a comedy about people who put their dogs in the mayflower dog show. I didn’t really get what was funny about it, the  people all seemed quite normal to me.

3 out of 10.

Seduced and Abandoned

Director: James Toback

Writer: James Toback

Stars: Ryan GoslingJessica ChastainDiane Kruger |See full cast and crew

A film about securing funding for a film that was filmed during the Cannes film festival. What can i say the boys got Ryan and Jessica in the end didn’t they.

The Brown Bunny

Director: Vincent Gallo
Writer: Vincent Gallo
Stars: Vincent GalloChloë SevignyCheryl Tiegs |See full cast and crew
Dear Vincent Gallo . I do not like this film because it is boring. .
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