Something Wild

Director: Jonathan Demme

Writer: E. Max Frye

Stars: Jeff DanielsMelanie GriffithRay Liotta |See full cast and crew

Written by E. Max Frye (Foxcatcher), directed by Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs) and starring Jeff DanielsMelanie Griffith &Ray Liotta, Something Wild is a new cinematic experience that I have never really gone through before. I think the closest film to this one that has the same kind of quality is Mister Lonely, (although that one was a lot better).

Something Wild is about business man and family man who accidentally meets up with a charming young woman. The two hit it off and start on a road trip. When their car ends up in a ditch they purchase a new one from John Waters who makes a cameo as a used car salesman. 

The film has an extremely weird almost annoying vibe about it. I found myself both bored to tears and pleasantly entertained at the same time as J Demme works his magic with mesmerizing sequences throughout the film.

I am going to ascribe the grating annoyingness in the film to , Melanie Griffith‘s presence and performance. Every time I see her or hear her voice it’s like having a bucket of week old scaly fish slid across my face right over the nasal cavity. 

The film has apparently garnered a cult following and was nominated for a few golden globes. It’s probably one of those ones that you may love or loathe personally I am somewhere in between because regardless of anything in the film that annoys me there are parts where J Demme’s trademark genius shine through.


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2 thoughts on “Something Wild

  1. It’s a very wild film, but Demme shows compassion for all of his characters, no matter how troubled they may in fact be. Even Liotta’s. Good review.

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