At Last, Okemah!

Director: Michael Glover Smith

Writers: Adam SelzerMichael Glover Smith

Stars: Kevin ViolPaul PerroniSuzy Brack |See full cast and crew

At Last, Okemah! is a short film by Adam Selzer and Michael Glover Smith.

As you can probably tell from my film reviews I am a child of the nineties and as such totally phased on the whole hipster thing that happened in the U.S. Although my teenage  daughter tells me that the craze caught on over here, which I thought was extremely weird since Perth is naturally the most hipster place on the planet without a movement being involved.

I protested but she assured me that teenage girls at her school were going out and buying jars without lids to drink out of instead of glasses and ordering all of their music on LP’s rather than downloading it.

Anyway, as I was saying, I missed the whole hipster movement and was wondering why in the hell the Coen brothers made the film,  Inside Llewyn Davis which everybody seemed to love so much. Personally I think the Bros. are extremely overrated and only really enjoyed one of their films. Barton Fink.

Back to Michael’s film…….It’s a comedy about hipsters and a comment on American culture..(the young folk)… as far as I can tell. For a while it’s outrageously funny then it lags toward the end.

Michael can be seen in the film getting an autograph from the communist folk musician Winston Thomas. Don Qu….who!

Bravo Michael 🙂


2 thoughts on “At Last, Okemah!

  1. Good God, I’m honored beyond my ability to express myself! I really hope you’ll get a chance to see my forthcoming feature COOL APOCALYPSE, hopefully at an Australian film festival in 2015.

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