My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done


Director: Werner Herzog
Writers: Herbert GolderWerner Herzog
Stars: Michael ShannonWillem DafoeChloë Sevigny |See full cast and crew
My Son is a film about a man who lives with his mother, has a girlfriend and has obviously gone completely off the deep end. Apparently the film was inspired by true events and it mainly delves into the consequences of failing to (medically) treat people who exhibit signs of mental illness. 
MIchael Shannon is brilliant in the film as Brad Macallam, the protaginist who has cracked under pressure. Chloe Sevigny plays Ingrid Gudmundson, Brad’s girlfriend who is way too eerily calm considering current events and Willem Dafoe plays Detective Hank Havenhurst, the man who is encumbered with the mission of unraveling the reason why Brad has slewn his mother with a broadsword and taken his pets hostage across the street in his mothers house. 
I didn’t find this film terribly interesting although it contained some great performances I thought that Werner wasted a lot of the talent that he had on hand. 
5 out of 10. 
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