The Last Days of Disco

Director: Whit Stillman

Writer: Whit Stillman

Stars: Chloë SevignyKate BeckinsaleChris Eigeman |See full cast and crew

I could literally write probably 20 pages worth of literature about this film. I LOVE it! Last days of disco is officially my favorite film tied with Persona.

Chloe Sevigny is the lustrous enigmatic Alice who all of the young men have fallen in love with, despite being a virgin herself. Kate Beckinsale is Charlotte the jealous best fiend who attempts to sabotage Alice’s chances at pairing off any chance she can get. 

DesJimmy,Josh & Tom are all old preppy friends from college and compete for Alice’s affections. Nina (Jennifer Beals) has a couple of hilarious raucous scenes as Des’ jilted lover.

The entire film is a brilliant cinematic experience that is so beautifully complex and comedic that it will make you laugh whilst at the same time appreciate the sharpness of  Whit’s wit!

I recommend this film to everyone and hope that you enjoy it as much or even more than I did 🙂

Reincarnation – life after death – mumbo-jumbo of all kinds has been highly commercial throughout the history of book publishing. The first printed book… was the Bible. – Dan Powers

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