Director: Richard Linklater
Writer: Richard Linklater
Stars: Richard LinklaterRudy BasquezJean Caffeine |See full cast and crew
Slacker is a film that runs continuously through the daily lives of various Texan inhabitants. The scenes tend to flow from one person to the next seamlessly as all of the characters discuss various things, one of them tries to sell Madonna’s pap smear, another rants about the mass give away of deadly weapons, one of them is making a circle of her menstrual cycle out of tea cups etc. etc. etc. 
The film has a slow engaging whimsical feel about it, and it precedes   Dazed and Confused somehow it manages to upstage it as well. Richard’s work is not always to my liking , I absolute loathe the sunset midnight trilogy but I really did enjoy most of this film. It’s a less serious and more fun version of his style. 
The film looks as though it was shot on a very limited budget and in one of the scenes the boom is showing (which I thought was quaint, since he left it in). 
I recommend this one for a lazy Sunday afternoon, when you’re in a good and placid mood. Keep an eye out for the conspiracy theorists, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE in this film. 
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