Director: Hal Hartley

Writer: Hal Hartley

Stars: Adrienne ShellyMartin DonovanRebecca Nelson |See full cast and crew

Trust is a slow-moving typical nineties art house style film. The main story-line revolves around Maria Coughlin (Adrienne Shelly)  a young teenage girl who has come to a crossroad in her life and has to make some big decisions.

Maria meets Matthew Slaughter (Martin Donovan) and their unlikely pairing begins to take the form of a relationship. Like most other couples they have their ups and downs.

Trust mainly explores the choices young women have, the decisions that they are forced to make at a young age, whether they are prepared for them or not and it also chronicles the change in relationship dynamics that had been creeping in to working class families since the seventies and eighties.

This film will definitely not be for everyone and at times I felt it was a difficult watch. For some reason I always like Hal Hartley’s films more after I have finished watching them, because when I am watching them I feel like it’s a grueling process, it requires hard work and determination for me to get through his films to the point where it’s almost painful but after I have seen them and reflected upon them I love them.

Kind of like Stalker except not quite so good or painful to watch. I find it hard to rate this one but it’s somewhere between a 6 or 7.

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