Parker Posey Marathon

I have to say that my favorite Parker Posey performance that I have seen thus far is her portrayal of Nora Wilder in the film Broken English which was written and directed by Zoe R. Cassavetes

Broken English is an interesting character study which is pleasantbroken-english-2007-2to watch and contains some big hitter co stars such as Gena Rowlands (Zoes Mum).

Zoe subtly weaved layers of Nora’s character in the story and it’s this subtle complexity which Parker plays to perfection that is the crown Jewel of the film.

Having said that I have not yet seen her entire catalogue and am about to embark on the sequel to Henry Fool

My recent Marathon , prompted by Davides article,consisted of four films;

The House of Yes 

The house of yes showcases Parkers dramatic talent as she expertly the house of yesplays the role of an hysterical sister ‘Jackie-O’ Pascal, in the adapted for screen version alongside her brother Josh Hamilton (Patrick Wilson).


Parker Posey (Margaret Burre), stars alongside Lisa Kudrow Alanna Ubach and Toni Colette as temps in a large organization. The film isclockwatchers about the fragility of female friendships and has a whimsical demeanor about it despite it’s depressing subject matter.

Henry Fool 

Is the most complex of the four and at over two hours running time henry foolcan be a little draining to watch. Parker is not the main lead in the film and although I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the sequel it can be a laborious slog for those without a keen interest in her work.

Party Girl 

Party girl is not Posey’s finest work. She does shine in the film as thepartygirl_newsitefinal lustrous happy go lucky Mary but to be frank the story line was weak as was everything else in the film apart from some of the acting. Don’t be afraid to give this one a miss and check out Dazed and Confused or SubUrbia instead


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