Michael Pitt and Mads Mikkelson

Because of my love of all things Mads Mikkelsen I have been at first diligently then later on half arsedly following the series Hannibal.

A lot could be said about Hannibal itself and there are many points to argue about the show but whether or not it is a series worth my time is irrelevant since I watch it mainly to see these artists work;Hannibal - Season 2

Mads Mikkelsen ,  Gillian Anderson ,  and much to my delight in the last few episodes  the illustrious queen of horror Katherine Isabelle and …..wait for it….. Michael Pitt

If for no other reason it’s definitely worth watching the show just to see this cast list working together.Throughout the two seasons Mads has put in an impeccable performance as Hannibal Lecter the margot verger

Psychiatrist that has a taste for long pig.

As has Gillian Anderson, her performance has been mesmerizing and adds a certain something to the show that I have to admit I missed when she took her short absence.

Katherine has been a delightful addition to a lackluster story line and Michael Pitt. What can I say he’s Michael Pitt and does not really need an introduction.

Apologies for a nonsensical rant but I still have a severe fever after three weeks … alas I may edit this rant at a later date.

gillian anderson hannibal gif

Hannibal (TV Series) 

Mason Verger

– Tome-wan (2014) … Mason Verger
– Ko No Mono (2014) … Mason Verger
– Naka-Choko (2014) … Mason Verger



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6 thoughts on “Michael Pitt and Mads Mikkelson

    1. yeah to tell you the truth it’s kind o a bit of this a bit of that . It has been a painful experience to stick with the show but like I said I watch it for Mads and Co.

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