Blue Ruin

Director: Jeremy Saulnier

Writer: Jeremy Saulnier

Stars: Macon BlairDevin RatrayAmy Hargreaves |See full cast and crew »

After hearing rave reviews about this film I simply had to check it out. Unfortunately I do not think that I will share the same opinion on this piece as the majority of viewers.

To avoid inviting a barrage of libertarian keyboard warriors to kick things off on my page I will not go into the depths of why this film was both unappealing and sickening to me.

But that was not real the problem , the problem was the film bored me as well. Believe me I have sat through well more than my share of slow moving films and at times 13 episode tv series but I have endured enough to learn what is Shite from what might be entertaining and this was somewhere in the middle, leaning heavily towards Shite.

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3 thoughts on “Blue Ruin

    1. Yeah well, I guess I have just seen heaps of films like this in Australia over the past ten years or so. There is one called Red Hill and a buttload of others , more than I can recall to name. Most films here are simplistic low budget and just have a very real feel. Even though we know they are made up. So I guess it’s not really new to me and the art has already been perfected here.

      1. Yea, I enjoyed Red Hill but not to familiar with most of the Australian cinema, at least you gave it a shot…you know us damn Americans and our 100 million dollar budgets.

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