Director: Gavin O’Connor

Writers: Gavin O’Connor (screenplay), Anthony Tambakis(screenplay), 3 more credits »

Stars: Tom HardyNick NolteJoel Edgerton |See full cast and crew »

Warrior is a mans fantasy film. It’s basically a story about how  post traumatic stress disorder destroys entire families not just the initial sufferer of the  PTSD. This is common with many types of illness, especially mental illness.

The boys are broken and there is also allusion to the plight of working class families, their  inability to survive and provide a home on working class wages as well.

The tale is a male oriented one about family, war ,working class suffering in the U.S. and of course MMA championships. That is where the story becomes interesting and a males wet dream.

As the two brothers duke it out for the MMA championships against what seems sometimes impossible odds both of the brothers must face up to the realities of their youth and the facts of their lives.

Fear not as this tale has a semi happy ending as some of the families former tensions are resolved and people are forgiven. Oh and the fighting craps all over the Rocky franchise, it’s well worth a watch. Although I watched a Doco on Mark Mathews an Australian surfer and MMA fighter who probably more resembles the type found in the  sport. (ie. a crazy bastard with absolutely no fear at all).

It may be your cup of tea if your interested in a rumble and some very poorly thought out drama. The competition is the most interesting part of the film as the rest of it at times lacks credibility and substance.

BUT with Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy you know that something interesting will happen as these two are almost always a pleasure to watch in any film.  It’s a shame about the directing and screenplay though.



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