Director: Mike Leigh

Writer: Mike Leigh

Stars: Sally HawkinsAlexis ZegermanSamuel Roukin |See full cast and crew

Happy Go Lucky is a mature film which was written and directed by a mature experienced director. Sally Hawkins (the protagonist) is a well natured early thirty  something lass that is making her way through life one day at a time. She works as a primary school teacher and lives with her best friend.

Throughout the film we follow the daily life of  Poppy (Sally Hawkins) as she navigates her interactions with others and  the various challenges that they represent to her.

Mike has made a brilliant film here, it’s definitely one for a mature audience as it requires the knowledge that can only be gained by years of  living and Mike has used his previous life experience to not only present a multi layered observational and possibly moral tale but to expertly engage the audience by making us fall in love with Poppy along the way.

I highly recommend this film for female audiences, it’s an anti dote to such drivel as the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants  et al. The film is perfectly suitable for men as well and one of Mike Leigh s more positive and generally accessible efforts.

I’m giving this one a ten because in the words of David Peretta, “It spoke to me”.

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7 thoughts on “Happy-Go-Lucky

  1. A very underrated movie that you honestly don’t hear too much about, despite being quite hilarious and sweet. Sometimes at the same time. Good review.

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