Only lovers left alive

Have you ever craved something for a year, or more? Something you have tasted before, sinister yet sweet and “just” out of your reach?Then it comes but instead of furiously gulping it down and ravaging the remains you treat it in  a manner that it’s perfection and delicacy requires.

That craving abates when it arrives because this thing, this beautiful, languorous thing soothes you. It speaks to you in perfect , soft unwavering tones and washes over you with subtle yet enormous gratification, unyielding in its perfection.

So it begins, it’s quiet yet tender and beautiful  caress, exists solely to soothe your craving. My particular craving of a cinematic treat that has been so close yet so far out of reach.

Has come to me, come home to me to rest to sleep and to caress my inner cinephile with impeccable sardonic,blissful,beautiful mesmerizing imperfection.

Only lovers left alive

Thank you Jim Tilda Tom & John

Your film is so whelming that it has inspired me to unashamedly publish dreadful poetry, Bravo & encore.


15 thoughts on “Only lovers left alive

      1. I have a feeling it will be up my alley. I appreciate Jarmusch’s hip-minimalist aesthetic and his absurdist humor. He’s the American Kaurismaki. He’s also the American Fridrik Thor Fridriksson.

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