The Right Kind of Wrong

Director:Jeremiah S. Chechik

Writers:Megan Martin (screenplay), Tim Sandlin (novel)

Stars:Ryan Kwanten, Kristen Hager, Ryan McPartlin | See full cast and crew »

The right kind of wrong is the wrong kind of all gone wrong. I am going to be honest, I’m not going to bother doing too much background research on this film. Obviously it has been adapted from a novel and hey wouldn’t it be cool if the story in the film were real.

Ryan Kwanten was fantastic in Griff the invisible, a novel little romantic comedy, but this film was something else altogether. It centers around Leo Palamino (Kwanten) and his failed relationship. The poor guy is hammered in the national press after his break up when his girlfriend publishes a blog about the reasons why she can no longer stand him.

He then falls in love with another woman, which is supposed to be funny but she is violent and punches him in the face numerous times. Even still this seems to fuel his attraction to her even more as he humiliates himself and is punished physically over and over again in pursuit of this woman.

The film itself is terrible, but the amount of mental and physical abuse that Leo suffers throughout the film is even worse. I have no idea what the creators were thinking but the whole thing was extremely off putting.

Anyway, I can’t recommend this film however feel free to check out Griff the Invisible or Punch drunk love if your looking for a rom com.


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