Lapland Odyssey (Napapiirin sankarit)

Director: Dome Karukoski

Writer: Pekko Pesonen

Stars: Pamela TolaJussi VatanenJasper Pääkkönen |See full cast and crew

Lapland odyssey is a guys buddy film, much like the hangover except it’s funny and entertaining. Janne (Jussi Vatanen) has been on welfare for quite some time and his wife Inari Juntura (Pamela Tola) wants a digibox. Janne sets out to acquire a digibox for Inari with his two best friends and hilarity ensues.

The film is a light hearted comedy which includes some spectacular scenery which more than makes up for the lulls in the story. Janne’s LaplandOdyssey2journey includes encounters with crazy Russian(?) tourists, a hotel swimming pool full of swedish female underwater rugby players (referred to as lesbian killers), angry taxi drivers, mystified policeman, local jerks and perhaps most nefarious of all Inari’s ex boyfriend.

Lapland Odyssey is the perfect pick me up on a cold winters night or boring dull day and will entertain you in a warm light hearted fashion. The film has won 7 awards, a complete list can be found here

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6 thoughts on “Lapland Odyssey (Napapiirin sankarit)

      1. Really? I hated both of those movies immensely! Both films were full of really unliveable people. The Bling Ring was, I think Coppolas worst film to date by some distance. I couldn’t wait for them all to get arrested. And as for the deep, deep pretentiousness of Spring Breakers! It was nearly saved by the whole Britney Spears bit but that’s it. I like seeing half naked women as much as the next guy but it got tedious real quick in that film!

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