Chungking Express

Director: Kar Wai Wong

Writer: Kar Wai Wong

Stars: Brigitte LinTakeshi KaneshiroTony Leung Chiu Wai |See full cast and crew »

Chungking express is perhaps the most uplifting romance film ever Chungking-express-1made. The film is split into two different parts and tells two different stories about a couple of policeman and their romantic lovesick antics. Apparently Wong came up with the idea for the film whilst editing his latest feature and has stated “While I had nothing to do, I decided to make Chungking Express following my instincts.”

This method of writing and filmmaking is noticeable when viewingchunking express the finished result. Wong has stated “When I started to film, I didn’t have it written completely. I filmed in chronological order. The first part happened during the night. I wrote the sequel of the story in one day! Thanks to a brief interruption for the New Year festivities, I had some more time to finish the rest of the script.”

Like the greats before it, 8 1/2 & Les quatre cents coups, Chungking express begins with an unforgettable opening sequence, the cinematographer Christopher Doyle and Wong created an astounding opening sequence that is at times mirrored throughout the film. You can see a similar sequence near the end of the film where the policeman is waiting in the California bar

After the opening sequence it is literally on for young and old as the film barely breaks its pace for at least 20 minutes. After the first storyChungking+Express meets its end the second one takes up the pace and bounces around delightfully until the end of the film.

Wong had written a third act and intended to include it in this film but thought that it was already getting too long, it was released at a later date as  Fallen Angels. I can easily recommend this film to anyone, It has love, crime, culture and folly and is an  unmissable event  for cinema lovers.

Chungking express has made my favorite movie of all time category because it celebrates life and love and is an upbeat modern tale set in a cultural mecca. The film has won nine awards a full list can be found here

10 out of 10.

Reerences:Wikipedia, IMDB, Google Images

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7 thoughts on “Chungking Express

  1. Ah, your review makes me want to re-watch this film. Great stuff! Love this movie. So romantic. Faye Wong’s cover of Cranberries’ Dreams is perfect! I agree the cinematography really is spectacular.

  2. Great review of one of my favorite films. This opened in Chicago in early 1996 (care of Quentin Tarantino’s Rolling Thunder Revue label) and even though it disappeared quickly, I managed to see it three times in its initial run. I’ve since seen it many more times on home video (including screening it in many film studies classes). I actually visited the film’s locations when I took a trip to Hong Kong in 2006. You can see a photo tour of my trip here:

    I do have to make a slight correction to your review: It wasn’t Chris Doyle who helped Wong design the opening scene. Andrew Lau (who later went on to direct Infernal Affairs) was the cinematographer of the first story. Doyle shot the shot second story only.

    1. Wow thank you, It’s such a great compliment from a professor of film! And handy to have an expert grading my work. I am a complete amatuer, barely even a cinephile and thought I had terrible writing skills so it is very encouraging to hear that you enjoyed my review 🙂 (At least I got the director right-heehee) Thank you, the pictures from your tour look amazing I wonder if you make films yourself as well? your contribution is an asset to my website and I will have to get the other fact verified from a different source since mine could have been unreliable. You should check out the rest of my site and let me know what you think, It would be much appreciated. 🙂

      1. I’m an amateur too! Almost all bloggers are amateurs. I have a Master’s Degree in film production, which enables me to teach film studies classes for a living. It really is the best job in the world. I do make independent short films but I can’t figure out a way to make money from doing that yet. Your writing (and your taste in cinema) are both formidable – so don’t sell your self short. 😉 Keep up the good work.

  3. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    Apart from Music – movies have always played a massive role in my life. The first film that I saw was an adult film. My mother promised me that for my fifth birthday we would travel by bus from Wickham where we lived to Southsea and see the sea. But it was February and the weather was of course appalling. So instead she took me on my first trip to the cinema. Totally inappropriate for me and way over my head but I do remember certain scenes from it. It was the 1958 film The Key with Sophia Loren, William Holden and the actor I remember the most Trevor Howard. You might wonder why I mention it. Well it was as much double dutch to me at the time as any foreign film is today yet, as a child of 5, I still have memories of the film 55 years later. There are some beautiful foreign language films available to us now and once you get into the hang of watching the actors and reading sub-titles at the same time you can find some gems. I prefer sub-titles to dubbing as actors I know and love rarely get a voice that is appropriate. It is also great for learning a different language. Thanks Filmstvandlife – I have a feeling I will enjoy your blog.

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