August osage county

Director: John Wells

Writer: Tracy Letts (screenplay)

Stars: Meryl StreepDermot MulroneyJulia Roberts |See full cast and crew

August osage county is not my cup of tea and even if somehow it were, I regret subjecting myself to an hour or so of Meryl Streep’s under inspired and way too overly dramatic acting. Tracy Letts has paraphilia on the brain and seems insistent on painting american families as depraved and dysfunctional.

It’s an uninspired theme which is either sickening (killer joe) or dreadfully boring to watch. August osage county is like every messed up family drama before it, there is no neat tidy bow at the end to wrap it all up and the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch (a privileged upper class british actor) stumbling dreadfully through a rural american accent along with Ewan Mcgregor crying out to still be relevant in some meagher way was enough to make me want to stick my head in a bucket of water and scream.

The age of headlining stars putting butts on seats should be over by now.  Apparently the filmmaker of August didn’t get the memo and apart from Benedict hasn’t gotten the memo since the mid 80- 90’s. Am I the only person that doesn’t care about Julia, Meryls and everyone else in this film’s lack of relevance today?

It’s films like this that remind me that cinema needs to be turned inside out, upside down and shaken on it’s head. Why do mainstream viewers want to watch this tripe? What drives audiences to pay money to be visually assaulted by boring, lethargic, uninspired drama choc full of overused and outdated “stars” that were never any good at acting and hail from the era of the “blockbuster”. (well the blockbuster remark is not entirely accurate but Julia is definitely a culprit)

If I never see Meryl Streep in a film again it will be too soon, she doesn’t embody the complexity of female characters, neither does Julia both of them are only  capable of one dimensional, dull, uninspired performances. They literally just look like walking talking puppets and Meryl is the Diva from hell.

Actually I tell a lie, I did see Meryl do an online comedy once and she was great, I think this is a genre that she should pursue because in drama she comes across as fake and putting in too much effort. I would like to warn cinema goers that expect imaginative, enjoyable and well acted drama to forgo viewing this film or risk demanding a refund whilst shaking one’s fist with wild untamed fury.

How is it that train wrecks such as these are released in a modern era? I can only guess, perhaps it’s a baby boomers wet dream, perhaps audiences have been so brainwashed that they consider unimaginative oscar bait trash to be appealing or it may be simply that reality television has diminished their expectations so much that August seems like a viable bet for friday night entertainment.  Who knows and who cares.

I urge consumers to vote with their wallets, stop watching trashy BS at the cinema, this may have been a decent play(although I highly doubt it) but try supporting some diverse imaginative talent in your neighborhood, boycott this film and go to your local arts centre and watch some theatre instead or rent something worthwhile on DVD because this my friends is a waste of your time and money.

0 out of 10.

References: IMDB WIkipedia Google Images


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9 thoughts on “August osage county

    1. Boredom and and to a lesser extent curiosity and the fact that i felt like I had a duty to review it. i would rather have my eyelids taped up and be forced to watch stalker for 24 hours than watch this again

    2. Actually to be honest I think the reason I watched it is because there is always hope, watching a film is always exciting even half way through a complete stinker sometimes I still hold out hope that the second half will blow me I never give up hope that even though this person or that person is terrible that one day something will work, people will improve and what they have to offer will be worthwhile, I suppose I have a neverending optimism when it comes to cinema.

      1. Wow, I admire that! I wish I was a bit more like you then, because when I’m fixated that I can’t stand an actor/director it’s hard for me to change my mind or get me interested..

  1. you never know Meryl might bite her diva attitude or some genius director might use it to their advantage and she could deliver something worthwhile one day. who knows? HAHA that will be the day

  2. Good review Annie. I could sort of tell that this cast was going to give some great performances, but too many of them feel way too over-the-top to really classify as “great” and more as just “good, but too much”.

  3. Wow! My review will be up today and I totally disagreed. I thought it was pretty decent. Yeah I admit it was over acted at times, but you can’t have a dig at Meryl! She was in the Deer Hunter god damn it!

    For what I thought the film would be, I had no to low expectations so I guess that’s why I actually enjoyed it in the end.

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