Director: Spike Jonze

Writer: Spike Jonze

Stars: Joaquin PhoenixAmy AdamsScarlett Johansson |See full cast and crew

Her is Spike Jonzes take on dating an artificially intelligent operating system. The main plot line is similar to most generic romantic her-film-02drama’s, however this film is set in the near future.  Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly a young man who has recently experienced the dissolution of his marriage and is suffering from heartbreak. His primary occupation is to write love letters for customers, most of which are in long term relationships.

Apparently the film was shot primarily in California and China. Spike has amalgamated the  footage from  two distinctly different locations and achieved the desired effect of  what seems to be a real life interpretation of what the near future will look like.

Of course Joaquin’s performance was exceptional and as I was watching the film I really couldn’t imagine anyone else in that role.her-joaquin-phoenix-chris-pratt-600x337 Chris Pratt has a small supporting role as Joaquin’s colleague and to be honest since Chris has been poking his head up in feature films lately I have grown to despise his lack of creativity and imagination when it comes to his craft.

Amy Adams plays the part of Amy,Theodore Twombly ‘s best friend and neighbor. Whilst her performance wasn’t exceptional she played the part well and contributed to the cool atmosphere of the film.

Rooney Mara played Catherine, Theodore’s ex wife and whilst she doesn’t have a large speaking role her contribution to the film wasRooney-Mara-Her solid and of course she was as beautiful as ever. I haven’t really made up my mind about Rooney yet, she is a beauty but I’m not overly convinced of her skills.

The show stopper (other than spike) was Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Samantha, Theodore’s newly purchased artificially intelligent operating system. Scarlett has really impressed me this year with her performance in Don Jon and in this feature. She is maturing grandly as an actress and can no longer be considered as merely eye candy.

Overall the film went off without a hitch, there was only one scene, and all of Chris Pratt’s scenes where I felt that there could have been her-amy-adams-600-370room for improvement.  The resounding success of the feature is definitely down to Spike , Scarlett and Joaquin. Spikes imaginative and resourceful effort has created an interesting and different type of film which I can recommend for viewing without hesitation. I think that there is something for most adult audiences in this feature.

Spike won  best screenplay at the golden globes and a complete list of the films awards can be found here.

7 out of 10

Resources: IMDB,Google images

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14 thoughts on “Her

  1. I loved this film! I have to just highlight your opening line though…

    “Her is Spike Jonzes take on dating an artificially intelligent operating system”.

    I love the way you say this is Spike Jonze take on it, like films about dating A.I. are really common!! Haha 🙂

    Good review Annie, glad you liked the movie.

    1. Thanks, the film was interesting my review was fairly lame since I tried to write one for Les quatre cents coups today which drained me and I was out of idea’s. Oh well can’t win them all. I still can’t get over the ending it was so clever 🙂

  2. Great Review! This was my favorite movie of 2013 even though it technically came out this year. It’s in my top 10 all-time favorite because I am a tech-buff as well as a movie-buff so I could see some themes that really shined through.

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