Violet and daisy

Director: Geoffrey Fletcher

Writer: Geoffrey Fletcher

Stars: Saoirse RonanAlexis BledelJames Gandolfini |See full cast and crew »

Violet and daisy are teenage assassins  that share an apartment andviolet__daisy seem absolutely fascinated by the new Barbie Sunday dress. Geoffrey Fletcher has created a novel and interesting film that has an intoxicating atmosphere. Set in run down parts of a city, littered with beautiful parks and lovely old buildings the film oozes artistic style and grace.

Saoirse and Alexis play their parts with elegant grace, their Violet-and-daisyperformances are just right and it is mesmerizing watching them work. James Gandolfini plays the part of the girls next target. The girls arrive at the targets destination on an adult sized trike, the director has gone to great lengths to apply touches to the characters, their dialogue and their props to create the desired image of young women who are still partly children, that suck on lollipops and lust after the latest trend in teenagers clothing.
violet and daisyGandolfini in part plays a father figure to daisy and it’s when they first meet that the girls lives are turned upside down. Witty banter is exchanged, secrets are revealed and what seemed to be an easy job that the girls signed up for to pay for their Barbie Sunday dresses becomes a life changing revelation for Daisy and a point of shameful regret for Violet.

Violet and Daisy isn’t a life changing film but it’s an interesting one. Geoffrey has very cleverly written and extraordinarily stylishly put together an entertaining tale, in part about growing up and coming ofVioletandDaisy-Still2 age, the absence of adult supervision for children and how much we don’t know about the people who are sometimes the closest to us.

The action lulls a little in the middle of the film but if you wait until the end you won’t be disappointed, Geoffrey has devised a little treat to ensure the film goes out with a BANG.

Violet and Daisy is worth your time, the plot may be a little thin and could’ve been executed better but the film is fresh, interesting and the two girls have put in excellent performances which along with some great cinematography bring the film to life.

7 out of 10

References : IMDB Google Images

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