The Angels Share

Director: Ken Loach

Writer: Paul Laverty (screenplay)

Stars: Paul BranniganJohn HenshawRoger Allam |See full cast and crew »

Ken Loach is perhaps one of the Kings of Kitchen sink drama. His Ken Loach punches the air at the photocall for his film The Angel's Sharefilms almost always tell the tale of woe that plagues the working or underclasses of U.K. society. Winner of the Jury prize at Canne film festival 2013  Ken’s recent tale   the Angels share is no exception.

Ken’s tale is a light hearted, comedic, uplifting coming of age tale the angels share4set in Scotland. His story revolves around the protagonist Robbie (Paul Brannigan) who has been dealt a bum deal in life and has knocked up his girlfriend. Narrowly escaping a prison sentence for assault he decides to turn a new leaf and create a new life for his new family.

The Angel’s share refers to the 2% of whisky that evaporates afterthe angels share2the distillation process when the whisky is kept in barrels. The film is a poetic and enchanting tale full of hysterical moments as Robbie narrowly escapes fatal injury time after time and never gives up hope that he can further his lot in life as he sets out determined to make it happen.

Since all of the grim tales have come out this year I have to say that this one was a welcome relief, while it may not be that realistic theStills taken on the set of The Angels' Share essence of hope amongst a sea of shit is one of the more heartwarming and welcome  tales that I have recently seen.

So if you’re interested in a light hearted coming of age drama and can stand a glaswegian accent for an hour or so then this film has your name written all over it.

The angels share has won four awards and has been nominated for many more, you can see a full list here

5 out of 10


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