Versatile Blogger Award


Once again my distinguished fellow blogger David Peretta has kindly nominated me for an award. This time it’s the Versatile blogger award. David has an excellent blog entitled Blackiswhite, where he composes insightful film reviews, researched film analysis and a great deal of articles and upcoming news related to modern culture and film. Blackiswhite is an excellent source of film knowledge and a great place to visit if you’re in need of a film fix.

My nominees in no particular order are:

Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

The Wine Wankers

The Verbal Spew Review

Top Best Cinema


Movies Silently

The Case For Global Film

Hello, Fig

Muzica De Film

Jack Flacco

Army Of Awesome People


Line Of The Week 


Acedusa Books


7 interesting things about myself

I love the ocean,I enjoy photography, I prefer hard liquor to beer and wine, I have travelled overseas,I like organic free range food, I’m an atheist, I no longer live in the town that I grew up in.

Finally I would like to thank David again over at Blackiswhite for his constant encouragement, feedback and cordial debate, which is always fun and more often than not enlightening. Please visit Blackiswhite and all of the other blogs that I have mentioned here today, you never know, you might find what you’re looking for or even something more.  🙂

The rules (of course) are as follows:1. Thank the person who gave you the award  2. Include a link to their blog 3. Select 15 bloggers you follow and want to pass the award onto 4. Nominate the 15 bloggers and inform them of it 5. Finally, list seven interesting facts about yourself
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15 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hey thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it. You totally deserve this award. Your blog keeps getting better, you always discuss interesting films and I think you have great taste so: Congrats & keep up the good work 😉

    1. thanks david, congrats on yours also. To be honest I almost decided to quit my blog a while ago but your kindness brought me back to it. I have gotten better and now I just have to pluck up the bravery to discuss controversial truths in my posts. 🙂

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