A Teacher

Director: Hannah Fidell

Writer: Hannah Fidell

Stars: Lindsay BurdgeWill BrittainJennifer Prediger |See full cast and crew »

Diana Watts (Lindsay Burdge) is a high school teacher. She lives with her girlfriend and is keeping a long distance between herself and her family. At the beginning of the film it is revealed that Diana is in a relationship with Eric Tull (Will Brittain) a student in  her class.

Diana acts upon her completely selfish emotional needs and teacher4mistakenly tries to keep her trauma at bay by attempting to  fulfill her overwhelming need with casual sex with Eric.  Who in turn is using Diana simply for sexual experimentation.

As the relationship unravels it becomes apparent to Diana that Eric is simply too immature to fulfill her emotional needs and the whole affair blows up in her face.

All that she is left with is a bigger mess than before she started and a teachernone of her problems have been resolved. The writer challenges the audience by building an atmosphere where we are supposed to empathize with Diana. She comes across as a helpless woman whose  life is falling apart and is marred by an overshadowing sadness due to her issues with her mother.

A teacher is at times engaging and exciting ,Hannah Fidell has succeeded at bringing her creation to life and the film has to be given credit for it’s presentation of an unethical relationship and irresponsible behavior on the part of an adult that doesn’t reek of consequential overtones throughout the entire film although there is a mark of judgment at the end.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the film, the subject matter was fairly sickening but I have to give Hannah credit where it’s due. Hannah won the emerging woman award at the SXSW film festival and was nominated for two others.

5 out of 10

References: IMDB, Google Images.

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