Young Adam

Director: David Mackenzie

Writers: Alexander Trocchi (novel), David Mackenzie

Stars: Ewan McGregorTilda SwintonPeter Mullan |See full cast and crew 

Young Adam stars three particularly accomplished actors, Tilda Young_Adam_13716_MediumSwinton, Peter Mullan and Emily Mortimer. These three are always a pleasure to watch and all three of them gave completely mesmerizing performances in this film.

Unfortunately whether it be due to the writing or just Ewanyoung-adam-1 Mcgregors lack of talent ( I am not sure which), this film sunk like an upended Barge. The plot revolves around Joe Taylor ( Ewan McGregor) who is an employee on a barge owned by Ella Gault (Tilda Swinton) which is also inhabited by Ella’s Husband Les Gault (Peter Mullan)  and their son.

One day a body of a woman Cathie Dimly (Emily Mortimer) washes up and Joe & Les fish it out of the river. The Mystery of the drowned young_adam_0509131056_wideweb__375x500,1woman makes the news up and down the towns and cities that the barge travels to and from. Meanwhile a relationship forms between Ella & Jo. It becomes apparent that Jo might know more about the mysterious drowned woman that he is letting on.

The film opens to haunting Jazz music and tries so hard in its own way to be an arthouse feature. I think that this is what threw me the most, the tale itself felt like a classical novel yet the film seemed to try to pull off some kind of seventies art house feel.

Tilda and Emily were riveting, they had the two largest secondary young adamroles and compared to them Ewan seemed to be flunking and failing all over the place as if his performance could be likened to a sinking ship. I am not sure if I could recommend this film to anyone but if you’re a fan of Tilda and Emily you might want to see it for their performances alone. Incidentally the film has won many awards, a full list can be found here

5 out of 10.

References: IMDB,Google Images.

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