La grande bellezza (The great beauty)

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Writers: Paolo Sorrentino (story), Umberto Contarello(screenplay), 1 more credit »

Stars: Toni ServilloCarlo VerdoneSabrina Ferilli |See full cast and crew »

Obviously Italian is not my first second or third language so I am not overly qualified to comment on this film. As a critic however I can The-Great-Beauty_2569600bsubmit my mostly probably ill informed opinion on what has been hailed as one of the greatest films of 2013. Although my lack of knowledge regarding Italian culture will probably hinder my review.

Actually fuck it there’s a much better review here. I quite enjoyed the film and as others have done before me I too hold it in the same the great beauty1regard as one of the best films of 2013. The film follows the life of high society socialite and author Jep Gambardella, he describes his present life as well as his life’s journey. He also observes the hypocrisy of those around him whilst marvelling at the beauty of Rome.

I have read that the film does critique the modern Berlusconi years, the “corrupt Rome” and the scene where Jep seems to be looking outthe-great-beauty10 at the  Costa Concordia  is symbolic of both his missed romantic opportunities and the sheer level of corruption, indifference or lack of “giving a shit about moral behaviour” in modern day Rome.

The film is thoroughly enjoyable and I heartily recommend it, it is heavy (especially for foreign audiences not acquainted with the culture or language)but lightened by it’s Baz Luhrmann style. I have heard it compared to Fellini’s work but I actually found it to be less complex and easier to watch.

For a bit of a head stretcher when you’re in the mood the Great Beauty is definitely worth a look.

La grande bellezza has already won sixteen awards for a complete list of wins and nominations click here

8 out of 10.


10 thoughts on “La grande bellezza (The great beauty)

  1. Saw it last night and loved the way that surreal atmosphere was recreated. Believe it or not, it is pretty realistic… I think I liked other movies from Sorrentino better as I prefer more storyline driven films. Servillo awesome as always.. Definitely the best Italian actor of our time. I suggest checking out the play he’s on tour with now called Inner Voices. Nice review!

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