Four Lions

Director: Christopher Morris (as Chris Morris)

Writers: Christopher MorrisSam Bain2 more credits »

Stars: Will AdamsdaleRiz AhmedAdeel Akhtar |See full cast and crew

“He’ll be in heaven before his head hits the roof”

Four Lions is a satirical dark comedy about a group of U.K. citizens that yearn to become suicide bombers and fight in a jihad. Two of the boys in the group go over to Pakistan in order to meet the Emir but when the trip goes horribly wrong they find themselves back in the U.K. cooking up bombs and acting on their own accord whilst convincing the rest of the group that they have special instructions from the Emir.

“Dancing in the moonlight”

The genius’ have such wide reaching plans as , bombing a mosque, blowing up boots (because they sell condoms that make you want to have sex with white girls) and attacking a sex shop. The film is littered with hilarious scenes, the jokes keep rolling in one after the other.

“My brain is my heart”

Christopher Morris won a BAFTA for the writing and direction of the film, a complete list of the awards can be found here. If you want to roll around on the floor clutching your stomach in laughter then this is exactly the right medicine for you.

6 out of 10.

References: IMDB, Google Images

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