It’s a Disaster

Director: Todd Berger

Writer: Todd Berger

Stars: Rachel BostonLaura AdkinKevin M. Brennan |See full cast and crew »

It’s a disaster is a very U.S. centric film. After years of fear based anti terrorism propaganda the United states is barely recognizable from Its-a-Disaster-trailerthe 1990’s. Preppers are a phenomenon that even have their own reality show. The government is spying on it’s citizens and all kinds of individual liberties have been stripped from the general population.

This is the context in which this film must be viewed. It’s a disaster is a very clever tongue in cheek romantic comedy set in suburban U.S.A and involves a group of eight people, (some friends), that meet up for their regular couples brunch.

The film  explores the relationships between the couples and Glen its a disaster(David Cross) is Tracy’s ( Julia Stiles) new beau. Fulfilling his position he delicately tip toes around the awkward social niceties involved with entering a long standing group of friends to try and cement his position in the group and please his new girlfriend which he met online.

Very evenly paced, the storyline rolls along as a generic rom com revolving around the dramas of the four couples until disaster strikes. This is when the real drama unfolds, the friends examine their lives, get to know each others secrets and inevitably  band together to stare down death in a sea of hopelessness.

Many atheists would say to the question ,”what do you think happens after we die?” Who cares we would be dead therefore existential its a disaster3questions would no longer be of any consequence.

This film attempts to pose a realistic alternative to the fear and dread caused by the lurking possibility of a terrorist attack. It raises many questions as the couples experience as a reality one of the most common modern day fears in western society.

I thought the film was quite entertaining and if you’re in the mood for a light hearted romantic comedy you could certainly do a lot worse. Tod Berger won three awards for his efforts a complete list can be found here

6 out of 10.









2 thoughts on “It’s a Disaster

  1. I agree. This is a good flick.

    But I’m puzzled by your score. Why the 6/10? Doesn’t seem as high as I’d have expected given the way you praise the movie.

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