Embarassing Confessions

Everyone has their soapies, or do they? This year and l was addicted to two television shows on cinemax.  Yes you read correctly cinemax, the trashiest network on television, aptly nicknamed skinemax, where every third scene is a gratuitous sex scene.

Want to know what they are? Well here is the first one. Strike Back, which is a series that first aired in 2010. Strike Back ” is a strike-backBritish action and military television series, based on a novel of the same name by novelist and former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier Chris Ryan.”- wikipedia. What is not to love about this show. There’s imminent danger around every corner and spy shenanigans going on every episode. Whether the boys are running from south africans, doubling down with eastern Europeans or trying to escape from the americans grasp this show had me on my toes for all of two seasons. Alas everything good must come to an end and the last couple of seasons sucked violently, so much so that it’s off my watch list for good.

Even so I was not to despair since in its place stepped up a new show almost twice as violent and with enough sexy goings on to fill a pornBanshee_promotional_poster film. Enter BANSHEE, cinemax’s series of the year. Starring Antony Starr as  Lucas Hood, who has been released from prison only to wind up in a small american town in search of his former girlfriend. Every episode is action packed, particularly the first one. The plot is bizarre and Lucas is a tough guy who ends up taking it from all angles.

This series is full of bizarre twists and turns such as the Mobster in town who is ex Amish, the jewel thieves, Mr Rabbit. There are shenanigans a plenty and I was so disappointed when the season ended that I watched the finale twice for good measure.

When I m watching these ridiculous television series I am sobanshee-episode-5-v2-968x431 enthralled with them but at the same time realize that the creators and writers are playing on my every whim exactly for that reason. They are made to be interesting so that you can not tear yourself away from  the excitement no matter how bizarre or far fetched it really is.

Hopefully Banshee will be back soon since it’s one of my favorite little guilty pleasures and the last season started about the same time last year. So there you go, if you had ever wondered if I sat around watching crappy t.v. the answer is yes, do I love it Hell YES!

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