Blue Jasmine

Director: Woody Allen

Writer: Woody Allen

Stars: Cate BlanchettAlec BaldwinPeter Sarsgaard |See full cast 

Every now and then Woody gets it right, for someone who makes a film every year or so there are bound to be a few sparklers in the midst. I had anticipated Blue Jasmine for such a long time and in the end it was worth the wait.

What I always find most astounding about Woody’s films when they work is the level of subtle complex detail that he works into his jasmine This for me is his genius, what I admire about his film making the most, not just that he has a talent for comedy but that he has come to understand the human condition as a man and a writer.

Blue Jasmine is not just the story of a woman who has collapsed mentally, but also one about the human condition in general. The cheaters are exposed, the rich and snobby up themselves people getBLUE-JASMINE-Image-01 their comeuppance, and the working class are glorified as honest, faithful valuable human beings that are worth all of the gold in china.

Every which way Jasmine turns she seems to be the victim of mens design and the twist at the end of the film is to die for. Woody has outdone himself with Blue Jasmine, it’s a film that reminds me of his glory days when he made Hannah and her sisters and Manhattan.

Cate Blanchett shines as Jasmine, a wreck of a woman clinging to the edge of her sanity whilst everyone around her wants to tear her down Blue-Jasmineand stick the knife in a little further as they believe that she deserves it.

The supporting cast are also fantastic, with the exception of Louis C.K. who I adore as a comedian but as an actor meh, I can leave it. It is always a pleasure to watch a film so beautifully crafted and to watch an interesting and deliciously vicious and cruel tale, play out much as it would in a theatre.

If you’re in the mood to watch one of the best films of 2013, a sophisticated character driven drama then this film is for you.

9 out of 10

References: IMDB, Google Images, You Tube

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8 thoughts on “Blue Jasmine

  1. Definitely a sophisticated character drama with great performances. On that point, I agree.

    I also agree it wants to be an analysis of class relations, but I don’t think it succeeds there. It undershoots the message, doesn’t immerse or explore it, and winds up, in my opinion, carrying relatively little thematic weight.

      1. She might have. Jasmine is clearly incapable of thinking about future ramifications of her actions, and she is self absorbed enough to think she deserves even more revenge against him. Plus, there aren’t a lot of other candidates who could have given it to him.

        I only hedge on making any declarative statements because I’m not convinced there’s a ton of evidence suggesting Jasmine gave it to him either.

    1. mmm I did really like it although after having waited for so darn long to see it it could never meet my expectations fully.I am so glad of spring breakers, stoker & the bling ring there were some really fucking depressing films out this year.

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