Electrick Children

Director: Rebecca Thomas

Writer: Rebecca Thomas

Stars: Julia GarnerRory CulkinLiam Aiken |See full cast and crew 

Electrick Children is a small budget flick  written and directed by Rebecca Thomas and  is a resounding  critically acclaimed electrick-children-trailer-mp-853800911success, starring Julia Garner (Martha Macy May Marlene) as Rachel and Rory Culkin (of the infamous Culkin brothers) as  Clyde. Electrick Children currently holds an 85% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes.

Cults have had their fair share of feature length film attention in the last couple of years, whether they be religious in nature or not films such as The Master, Sound of my voice and Martha Macy May Marlene have all graced our screens in the last couple of years.

Cult behaviour used to be a fascination of mine and I have done a fair bit of reading about the subject since there is a wealth of information about these often secretive little communities on the internet these days.

Electrick Children tells the tale of Rachel who lives in an apparent mormon cult like community which appears similar to the ElectrickChildren7-620x316FLDS.  Upon finding out that she is pregnant Rachel forms the belief that she has been impregnated by a song that she has heard on a tape recorder, which is supposed to used for the recording of conversations with the head of the family only.

With the help of her mother Rachel escapes the cult and begins her search for the man behind the voice on the tape recorder, believing electrick-childrenhim to be the divine being that has caused her immaculate conception. It is on this journey that she meets Clyde who accompanies her and forms an undeniable connection with her despite his best intentions not to.

Electrick children is not a spectacular film, but it is one that is very well directed, acted and thought out by the writer as it touches on

Rebecca Thomas
Rebecca Thomas

important women’s rights issues and the role that religion plays in those issues, not only in a small fundamentalist community but also in the broader community.

These issues are not spelled out in black and white but are presented in a kind of fluorescent unbelievable fantasy like dream of a film which  brings forth issues that are at the heart of every woman’s nightmares.

Electrick children is a perfect blend of experimental film making by a woman who has written  a story that can amplify her voice and electrick1enlighten the world to the insanity of others. Those “others” more often than not seek to alter legislation which has long standing effects on the wider community and it is long past time that their ignorance and uneducated opinions or “moral standards” be brought out into the open.

Whilst this film is probably not the best you’ll ever see it is a very commendable effort on behalf of Rebecca Thomas and all those involved and I might add that it has been shamelessly underrated by general audiences.

Rebecca and Julia have taken home some well deserved awards for this feature you can see a full list here.

7 out of 10

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