Director: Spencer Susser

Writers: Spencer SusserDavid Michôd1 more credit »

Stars: Joseph Gordon-LevittDevin BrochuNatalie Portman |See full cast and crew »

T.J (Devin Brochu) has lost his mother in a car accident. He is traumatized and living with his father (Rain Wilson) and hesher-scene-5grandmother (Piper Laurie). T.J. is living in a traumatized state and seems to be racing  from one dramatic catastrophe to another, whilst his grieving father can barely get out of bed or bother to change his underpants on a daily basis.

A chance meeting with Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is about to change T.J’s life for better or worse. Hesher is what I like to call a hesher-laurie90’s tale with a millennial twist. The themes of family grief and mourning are explored in great detail, yet a millennial twist is added with the introduction of Hesher who makes an impact on the lives of the bereaved in his original  fashion.

Natalie Portman enters the tale as Nicole, a grocery store clerk who becomes one of many of T.J’s external parental figures in the hesher-photo-natalie-portmanabsence of his fathers sanity when she protects him from his “bully” or nemesis Dustin (Brendan Hill).

Hesher is a novel attempt at conveying  what has become a traditional story concept in an extraordinary action packed fashion. The antics of Hesher seem to explode at the exact time in the story that would usually be filled with drama filled interaction by the family. It is as though Hesher is the emotional or dramatic conduit that would hold a more traditional film together, at one point I wondered if he was even real and then it appeared that he definitely is.

I quite enjoyed this film and feel that it is entirely underrated. If you are in the mood for an intense family drama with a twist then I canHesher-rainn-wilson-23987447-1497-990 recommend Hesher for a light-hearted and hopeful perspective on life,death, community and family.

Spencer Susser won the award for best first time director at the Philadelphia film festival and was nominated for the grand Jury prize at Sundance.

7 out of 10.

  • Hesher (constructedcriticism.wordpress.com)

8 thoughts on “Hesher

  1. Some strange stuff here, but the cast is pretty good. I love that scene with Piper Laurie and JGL just smoking it up. So sweet, so mellow, and yet, so tragic. If the movie ended there, I wouldn’t have had a problem. Good review.

    1. Thanks,I have heard a lot of people have issues with the film. personally I think it was perfect and the stor ronuded out perfectly. Hesher went off to live his age appropriate adult life and he shocked the family out of their grief and into the future. which was his intention all along.

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