The Deer Hunter

Director: Michael Cimino

Writers: Michael Cimino (story), Deric Washburn (story), 3 more credits »

Stars: Robert De NiroChristopher WalkenJohn Cazale |See full cast and crew »

Just one shot

This three hour epic won  five oscars, and I am not surprised as it is one of the few deserving films to do so.  Christopher Walken and DeerHunter03Robert Deniro play  a couple of best friends, in a group of many that live in small   town USA, the town is up in the mountains and its main source of industry is the local steel mill.

This is a blue collar town where the men run wild and the women the deer hunterlive to get married and have a family. Three of the young men decide to enlist in the military and join the war effort in Vietnam. From then on things become very interesting and the story that plays out is one that is shocking and focuses on the horror of war and post traumatic stress disorder.

The film is an absolute masterpiece and has been recognized as one of the more poignant films of the 70’s. Walken doesn’t put a foot wrong and Deniro shines, although he does put in a couple of overly dramatic shoddy performances towards the end of the film.

I am brave (or stupid) enough to pick this masterpiece apart even deer hunter4though I hold it in extremely high regard. The wedding scene killed me, it felt like it was 30 minutes long and really wanted to hammer home the point of the love ,camaraderie,and seeming innocence of small town communities, this one primarily made up of european migrants.

Walken shined in this film, it was like watching a star being born and although De niro’s understated performance was beautiful to watch it didn’t really hold a candle to Christophers genius, commitment, personality and passion.

A film of this calibre is difficult to ignore and easy to admire on all the-deer-hunter1levels, even the niggly bits can be easily forgiven. The Deer Hunter has held its own for over  thirty years and unfortunately the film’s message is still relevant today.

I highly recommend viewing this film and can easily give it a solid 10 out of ten for brilliant drama and an ingenious plot which was so enthralling that It manages to capture audiences imagination over thirty years after it’s creation.

If you’re looking for a solemn viewing experience with social commentary  that contains excellent performances then this film may interest you.

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9 thoughts on “The Deer Hunter

  1. Such a tragic movie, made even worse by the amazing performances from everybody involved. Especially Walken, who deserved the Oscar for this. Good review.

    1. yes, out of the furnace is a bit of a shameless rip off in some respects but It is a film that tackles poverty, war and social decline which in this day and age is rare, it also contains excellent performances from christian and casey so I encourage people to watch it because films of this nature should be screened more often even at that quality. I think that 2013 line up has been a remarkable indicator that the cinema is crying out for diversity. Since the best films were foreign.

  2. Classic! This is one of the movies that I watched after Goodfellas and really made me start to appreciate De Niro. Along with his other 70’s classic, topped off with a dash of Casino. It’s all been downhill since unfortunately!

    1. well I suppose everyone has their hayday. Christopher stood out the most for me with this film. I only learned afterwards that apparently the same director is credited with destroying the Western because he did a well over budget picture and refused to let the execs get involved then it flopped and almost bankrupted the studio. I saw a doc with Scorsese and Coppola talking about it being partly the reason why H wood has gone so far downhill.

      1. Yeah michael Cimino has got a bad rap over the years for Heavens gate. But I’m sure he won’t be the first or last director to blow the budget on a pile of rubbish. Funnily enough there are some people who think it’s really good although I’ve not seen it myself

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