Mister Lonely

Director: Harmony Korine

Writers: Harmony KorineAvi Korine

Stars: Diego LunaSamantha MortonDenis Lavant |See full cast and crew »

Harmony Korine, one of my now favorite directors, is on a mission. That mission is and has always been to make films that no one has harmony korineseen before. To give the gift of original cinema, that always has layers of commentary shrouded in obscurity.

Mister Lonely has become one my favorite films, that I am sure I will watch many times over, and I can easily say that Harmony is comparable to Fassbinder, Bergman, Truffaut & Fellini because of his ingenuity , originality and passion for the craft of filmmaking.

The film’s plot involves an American Michael Jackson impersonator living in Paris, he stumbles upon a Marilyn Monroe impersonator mister-lonely-645-75and is eventually led to a commune of impersonators where he takes up residence in order to perform ,”the greatest show on earth”.

Mister lonely is absolutely mesmerizing, the cinematography, long slow moving shots, beautiful soundtrack and fantastic character development along with a bizarre yet eerily familiar plot will have you screeching with laughter, oohing and ahhing at its sheer beauty and magnificence then shedding a solemn tear for the sad truth of individual existence.

Harmony manages to achieve what so many filmmakers aspire to in an ingenious and original fashion. He evokes  a million senses mister-lonely-reviewthroughout the film and to be honest I was so exhausted at the end of the film it actually drained me for the rest of the day.

I highly recommend viewing this film in fact it’s a mandatory experience for film lovers especially but the average cinema goer will adore it as well so step right on up for ,”the greatest show on earth”,

10 out of 10.

References: IMDB, Google Images, You Tube.



3 thoughts on “Mister Lonely

  1. Wow, wasn’t expecting a perfect score for this one, but I guess it really spoke to you. This is probably my least favorite Korine, but I have to totally agree with you on the directors you mention!

    1. It made me so happy for about 30 minutes, then bored and intrigued me, then shot me straight in the heart, I think it is largely misunderstood and underrated, it’s a film about an individuals sense of self, their worldview, their interactions with others, community, diversity, love jealousy anger pain, fear, hope, misery, well almost everything really . I have seen so many directors try to portray what harmony has succeeded to do, there are so many layers to the film, so many things are said yet left unsaid. It did speak to me and I think it was very cleverly designed to speak to those who are willing to listen. A masterpiece and if it didn’t speak to you you might want to watch it in ten years after you have a bit more life experience. It’s probably wasted on a lot of people.

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